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Example of spaces which were designed keeping in mind the design gorgeousness with clean openness concept as in the pics below:

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We are a consortium of interior designers in Kolkata  , interior decorators in Kolkata and civil contractors in Kolkata,India with our clientele across the country and few outside the geographic borders (We deport our interior execution team as per client's requirement) who work in line with the client’s resources or ours to achieve the client’s design intent.The leader of the whole process is the zeal to not just provide our clients the best of services, but also to turn a fresh new creative idea from the drawing board to it's physical form.

We have quite energetic,experienced and young team in house along with many consultants & suppliers that assist us through out the whole process. We believe in single point of responsibility and design & build approach.

We perfectly align our services to the requirements of your home and your lifestyle, resulting in highly liveable, extremely attractive interiors that enhance the existing beauty of the structure and the surrounding environment.

What makes us stand out?

Out of box imagination in the field of interior designing & interior decoration with the confidence to make us blend contemporary interior design concept with vintage European interior design concepts.We understand that designing is not about making your property a wooden box but interior designing and interior decoration kolkata is all about making a residence habitable,attractive and also maintaining the sublime sense of openness feeling inside the premises resulting in not being one of the top interior decorators in Kolkata but across the country.

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